PROTI MEAL® hot meal mixes

Bariatrix Quick Fix hot meal mixes offer a unique savory option.
These hearty vegetarian meal mixes are so satisfying, even the most commited carnivores won’t miss the meat. Easy to prepare single serving portions are the next best thing to home made! Add some of your own fresh vegetables for an even tastier meal.


Creamy chocolate bar Peanut butter cup bar

PROTI-VLC® Protein bars

Almond Coconut Chocolate crisp Fluffy nutter Fluffy vanilla crisp Peanut Butter Nougat Salted toffee & pretzel Strawberry shortcake Zesty lemon crisp

PROTI-BAR® Protein bars

Caramel delight Caramel nut Choc-a-lot bar Chocolate decadence bar Chocolate peanut Cinnamon Crunch Cocoa Mint Cookie and cream Nutty Caramel Crunch Peanut Butter Cup

NUTRI-15® cold drink mixes

Berry Blast Cranberry grape Kiwi-strawberry Lemon Orange Peach mango Pink lemonade

PROTI-MAX® drink or pudding mixes

Chocolate Vanilla

PROTI MEAL® hot cereal mixes

Apple cinnamon oatmeal Maple & brown sugar

PROTISNAX® protein granola

Chocolate & caramel

PROTI-MAX® Ready to serve drinks

Chocolate Vanilla

PROTISNAX® zipper snacks

BBQ Chipotle BBQ Salt & vinegar Sour cream & fine herb Tangy tomato


Chocolate Lemon Mocha Raspberry Vanilla

PROTI-15® hot drink mixes

Cappuccino Hot cacao Proti-18 Drink

PROTI-15® drink concentrates

Blue raspberry Grape Green Tea & Cranberry Mixed berry Pomegranate

PROTISNAX® rusk bread

Rusk bread

PROTI-15® soup mixes

Chicken noodle Cream of Broccoli & Cheese Cream of chicken Cream of mushroom Cream of vegetable Italian Tomato

PROTI MEAL® hot meal mixes

Vegetable chili

PROTI-PASTA® high protein pasta

Fusilli Orzo

PROTISNAX® sweet soy snacks

Chocolate Peanut caramel

PROTI-CHIPS® protein chips

BBQ Cheese nacho Dill pickle chips Ranch chips Salt and vinegar

PROTISNAX® cookies





VHP chocolate VHP strawberry VHP vanilla


Café latte Lemon raspberry Peach mango Vanilla

PROTI-15® Gelatin

Strawberry banana

PROTI-VLC System Soups

Base Country Chicken & Vegetable Farmhouse Cheddar & Broccoli Mushroom Tomato Vegan base

PROTI-VLC System Smoothies

Blueberry California Dreamin' Chocolate Indulgence Orange Creamsicle Piña Colada Smoothie Base Vanilla Bean


Garlic & Herb Lemon & Herb Tex-Mex

PROTI-VLC System Egg scrambles

Bacon scramble egg Cheese & Chive Southwest scramble egg

PROTI-MAX® Shake or Pudding Mixes

Caramel Café Latte Chocolate Indulgence Dark Chocolate Lemon Raspberry Mocha Orange Creamsicle Strawberry Strawberry Banana Vanilla